A hundred times the price difference of the faucet is really a penny a point

Secret 1 material
    Before the faucet is frequently exposed lead content exceeded lead poisoning, so that everyone in the purchase of special attention to the main body parts of the material.
    Currently on the market, the main material of the tap is cast iron, plastic, zinc alloy, copper alloy, stainless steel. Cast iron easy to rust, plastic easy to aging, poor stability of zinc alloy, easy to burst, leading to the use of long, so mango is not recommended to buy these three kinds of material.
    At home and abroad more than 90% of high-grade taps are usually selected with copper casting. Brass is the most suitable materials taps, bacteriostasis, the H59 copper is the most suitable, Pb contents of qualified, h of Cu and Pb in less is more resistant to corrosion; so although you can do not contain lead, but due to the complex process, no Copper Antibacterial advantages, at present is not universal.
High end taps are basically using the national standard brass material, the national standard brass with a large difference between the price of non-standard brass. GB brass material, lead content and miscellaneous quality is very low, can bring you a healthy and environmentally friendly life.
Secret 2 spool
    The faucet is turned on and off every day, and the valve core determines the service life of the water tap. In the use of the home, ceramic valve core is the most suitable valve material, high-end faucet spool to use more imported or foreign original Taocifaxin, durable, can also reach 500000 switch does not drip.
    The traditional spool is to use metal materials such as cast iron, copper and so on to make, such metal materials used for a long time will appear wear, corrosion and other conditions, resulting in poor faucet switch or tight seal, and so on.
Secret 3 hose
    The water inlet of the high end water faucet is made of pure stainless steel, 304 stainless steel tube, and the water quality of the 304 stainless steel tube is very pure.
Secret 4 foam
    Leading the water flowing soft comfortable, not everywhere. This is because the installation of a bubble, it can let the water flowing through the full mixing, so that the water flow has a foaming effect, with the addition of air, water scouring force to improve a lot, so as to effectively reduce water consumption.