Sanitary ware maintenance small knowledge

    Sanitary ware is used more frequently, improper maintenance is easy to aging, today we sort out some of the sanitary ware maintenance of small knowledge, to help you do a good job in the maintenance of sanitary ware.
    1, to ensure accurate construction of toilet installation, please try to use glass glue sealing, such as with cement mortar, the mortar ratio should be less than 3:1, to prevent because of excessive force and support split toilet.
    2, do not into the toilet paper, paper urine pad, sanitary napkins and other easily blocked items.
    3, accidentally fall into the toilet of the debris should be promptly pulled out, when blocked immediately with the skin to attract gas exclusion.
    4, can not make hard or coarse fabric and ceramic products contact, can not beat, impact.
    5, the regular use of detergent to scrub the dirt, cleaning can not fall, with a brush to remove, keep the surface clean.
    6, can not be used and stored in a zero degree Celsius below the water environment.
    7, the computer bath room: the most important is to prevent its leakage, check the circuit on time is insulated.
    8, bath inside, can not place the excess. (silk towel, etc.).
    9, in order to avoid hurting bathtubs and piping, not the use of sulfur, acid bath detergent or organic solvent.
Above content is our introduction to your bathroom sanitary ware maintenance of small knowledge, I hope you have the help of sanitary ware maintenance.