Warm congratulations to the 2012 German red dot award

 What is the red dot award?
Red dot award (Dot Award Red) from germany. At first, it was purely German awards, can be traced back to 1955, but it gradually grew up in order to internationally renowned creative design awards. Now, it can be said that the red dot is on par with the iF prize for an industrial design award is one of the famous design contest in the largest and most influential event in the world. Each year, by the German Nordhein Westfalen Zentrum organized by the design innovation contest awards. Judges on the level of innovation of the participating products, function, human function, ecological impact and durability and other indicators to evaluate, and ultimately choose the award-winning products.
1955, Europe's most prestigious Design Association (Zentrum Nordrhein Westfalen Design) in the German city of Essen (Essen) set up the red dot award, 56 years for numerous enterprises awarded the prestigious design awards.
In order to promote the harmonious environment and human design "concept of the red dot award, design concept is committed to winning the prize for matchmaking into commodities, creative and commercial cooperation bypass. The awards cover a variety of products and communication design, including the design forum, design, publishing, design trade fair, design exhibition, design promotion and consulting services, etc.. And its competition is composed of three parts: product design, communication design and conceptual design.
Red dot award selection criteria is extremely harsh, selection will be strictly in accordance with the criteria for identification by screening and identification of the standard, only less than two years of the product will be eligible for eligibility. At the same time, the formation of the product in similar products, the difference for the designers put forward higher requirements. The red dot award is recognized as the international accreditation logo and creative design, won the award means that the product appearance and texture was the most authoritative "quality assurance", at the same time, winners will also receive promotion and the maximum range of cognition. So winning the red dot award is a great honor for every designer. The development of the red dot award after the evolution from the initial to commercial, political, cultural and public forum design into commercial promotion mechanism design industry, and initiated by Professor Peter Psvk (Peter Zec) in 1992, officially named the "red dot award".
Set up
Dot red by the "dot product design red" product design award, "dot communication design red" Communication Design Award and the "dot design concept red" design concept award, three awards composed of dot red design award family. Dot red design concept award will look firmly in the future. This contest is focused on the product in the form of the design concept of the concept of design stage, dot red design concept award is committed to become a barometer of the future design direction and trends. Dot red design concept award is divided into 16 categories, each year according to the quality of the competition presented a different number of dot red award. The design won the red dot award is absolutely high quality design, red dot design concept to honor only in the same rise above the common herd in the design, let the winning design from the design and creative design talent shows itself many innovations.
- dot red supreme Award
Dot red award is a very competitive award, only to achieve the best quality of the entries to win the award.
- dot Red Star Award
This award belongs to the dot red Award for the ultimate prize, only one, representing the annual entries in the most outstanding design concept. Each year, only the dot red outstanding award winners are eligible to compete for the ultimate prize.
Dot red award in the international recognition of the depth of the prestige, with its rigorous accreditation standards are not open. Senior judges adhere to the absolute independence, each member of the jury is the authority of their respective fields, to ensure that the quality of the audit and a fair ruling. At the same time, the judges are also allowed to gather together to assess the submission of entries. According to the evaluation criteria, the entries in different fields are debated and discussed. This ensures the sharing of knowledge and experience, and thus more objective and impartial decision to make.
Review the results of a fair and balanced, beyond the international level.
2008 assessment member list is as follows:
Aisslinger Wemer (Italy)
H inrichsen Carlos (Chile)
Kim Chul-Ho (Korea)
Toft Nils (Denmark)
Kee Hong Song (Singapore)
LuXiaoBo (People s the 'Republic of China)
Heskett John (Britain Great)
Fleetwood Roy (Britain/New Zealand Great)
Dannyvenlet (Belgium)
In order to ensure fairness, the jury is different each year.
2008 design concepts will be divided into 16 categories, each category is as far as possible covers a wide range of categories, there may be no mention of categories, but not so limited design creativity and understanding methods. It is not limited to the scope of the categories we have given that we advocate and encourage participants to innovate in the design concept.
1: bathroom:
Faucet, bathtub, sanitary ware;
2: household appliances
Vacuum cleaners, washing machine, mixer, dishwasher, electric cooker, electric water heater;
3: educational equipment
AIDS, toys, classroom design;
4: entertainment equipment
Sound system, portable TV, portable audio player, video player, digital camera, video camera;
5: fashion category
Watches, glasses, clothing, handbags, handbags, footwear, jewelry, travel accessories;
6: furniture category
Bathroom, living room, bedroom, kitchen, office, storage, furniture, sofa, furniture and file management system;